Created By: Team I'm a doctor, not a game dev
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away there were these twins .which one might describe as quite competitive. After competing over fame, money and power and some other things which I don't say here they needed some new challenges. Since they're twins, they had obviously always been of the same age. What if they could compete over staying young? They had already used all the usual ways supreme medicine, exercise, you name it. But as we all know there is one really simple way to stay go FAST. So the twins headed to outer space to travel as fast as they could and wait for the other one to die first."/end

Created in Unity and won the Easter Egg Prize at theGUDEV GameJam in February 2019.

Stay at a higher speed than your opponent to die slower than them! (Remember: in the end, only death is certain)

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